About Turn and Face (TAF) for Reactive Dogs

What is Turn and Face (TAF)?















Turn and Face (TAF) is a way of calming dogs and halting arousal caused by aggression, fear, over friendliness, over excitement, or learned habitual overly reactive behaviour. It usually works within a few seconds or minutes of the first application and can then subsequently be used by the dog's owner, at any time when the dog becomes overly reactive or aroused.

In most cases TAF dogs will soon adopt a calmer quieter attitude as ‘the way to be’, and they quickly become much more manageable in formerly ‘reaction causing’ situations.

Most dogs like being calm, but somehow many come to ‘forget’ this. Turn and Face reminds them.


















All through my childhood I helped people with their over excited animals using Turn and Face and when in 2001 I started CaDeLac Dog Training and Behaviour as my full time career, Turn and Face was number one in my tool kit for helping reactive, over excitable dogs to live calmer, quieter lives. Allowing them to have much greater freedom to go out in public and enjoy the things that non-reactive dogs enjoy.


In September 2016, I released my first book A Dog Behaviourist’s Diary’ and in it I gave information about the Turn and Face technique in the form of a real case study of a highly reactive GSD who had been reactive for over 6 years and who become completely non-reactive, inside 3 days.

Within 2 weeks of the release of the book, very experienced owners or trainers who were already dealing with aggressive or reactive dogs, started to report that they had been able to use TAF with not just fast, but dramatic results within minutes of using the technique. In many cases dogs who had been through a variety of other rehab processes, with little or minimal improvement, often responded to TAF in minutes and they witnessed an immediate beneficial result, to a variety of reactive or fearful situations.

Anyone interested in the use of TAF, should read the chapters in the book on Sabre and the appendix, as a starting point, before deciding how to proceed. There is also a
Facebook group where those that have read the book can watch videos of live TAF cases.

Turn and Face uses no specialist ‘tools’ and only requires that the dog wears a comfortable, normal flat collar and lead. It has a very high success rate but as with any methods it does not work with every dog. Since the release of the book and the adoption of TAF by trainers all around the world, there has been a less than 10% failure rate reported, meaning that over 90% of dogs have been helped or have simply stopped their former undesirable behaviour, after Turn and Face has been implemented.
















The Testimonials page lists some of the most recent success stories and TAF experiences, both from dog owners and from dog training professionals.

A certified training scheme has now been launched for Dog Training or Behaviour professionals who might want to receive further training in the use, and teaching of, TAF. Experienced dog training professionals, who already deal with reactive or aggressive dogs, can
apply to join the training scheme.

For the best chance of success with TAF, I strongly recommend that dog owners seek out a trainer who has completed the TAF Instructor’s Certification process, thereby ensuring that you

are working with an experienced and qualified trainer, and so have the best chance of a great outcome. These trainers have had their work individually assessed and validated, personally by me, or one of my delegated TAF Mentors.

With TAF the very first use is crucial, get that wrong and
you may well set yourself up for failure. Get it right and you could quickly be on the road to a new, calmer, happier dog. So getting experienced help right at the beginning can be the key to success!

To Purchase ‘ A Dog Behaviourist’s Diary’ and start your TAF journey, please

order here.

More information about the TAF Instructor and Mentor Certification Scheme can be found here.

If you need help with your dog or finding a TAF Certified Instructor, would like to work towards Certification, or have any other questions please contact me.


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