It's a dogs life dvd

An amazing, humorous, yet factual insight into the dog’s view of the world. Top tips for making your relationship with your puppy and dog fantastic, for a lifetime of health, happiness and fun for you and your best friend.

Fascinating, funny and hugely beneficial to all puppy and dog owners.

This DVD id dedicated to the memory of John Robinson, best friend to so many dogs.

With huge thanks to everyone in Team CaDeLac, past and present, you are all amazing.

  • Chapters

    • Does a dog's breed matter?​

    • How does a dog learn?

    • Why should my dog do anything I say

    • Living happily with a dog

    • 5 things that will make your dog's life brilliant

    • Chewing

    • Common training issues

    • Toilet training

    • Recall

    • Jumping up

    • Food guarding

    • Socialisation and aggression

    • Walking to heel

    • Bored dogs

Runtime 120 minutes

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International customers (incl. postage) £17.99


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