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All six legs

Got a dog? Know someone who has a dog or dogs? Then you need to buy this book All Six Legs. Written by dog behaviourist expert Denise McLeod this book is a worthy follow up volume to her debut book A Dog Behaviourist's Diary. The book is a very valuable collection of "real world" stories featuring canines of all types, puppies, older dogs and canine education, all spiced very nicely with some humour, too. Denise includes case studies written as stories. It contains the same information as other more technical documents, but in a way that is more entertaining, eminently readable and easily absorbed by all types of dog owners. It's not only educational but also diverse, too. Each chapter is written in a storybook fashion, each chapter contains a key learning point for all dog owners. It's about dogs, obviously, but Denise has also worked hard to include the humans who live and work with their dogs. It deals with a wide range of issues and emotions from joy to horror, or terror. There are stories of hope, joy and humour, too. Some of the stories deal with genuine life - or - death situations and all dog owners will benefit from Denise's ' Turn and Face technique. The book will be an ideal Christmas present for all dog owners and also for professional dog trainers and breeders, too. If you know all there is to know about dogs, buy this book because I can guarantee that you will learn stuff that you either didn't know or had simply forgotten. At only £ 12.99 you cannot afford to be without this book.

"Brilliant, funny, moving, insightful. All Six Legs is a compelling read and a great follow up to A Dog Behaviorist's Diary.​" - Allan Brown

"I've followed Denise on Social Media for quite a few years & before that on a dog forum we both belonged to so I feel I 'know' her although I've never met her. I've followed her life's ups & downs over the years. I downloaded her first book A dog Behavourist's Diary as soon as it came out & have been looking forward to All six legs since I knew she was writing it. I downloaded it last night & spent most of today reading it - no housework been done at all. I loved it. It made me laugh, & although I'm not an emotional person I definitely had something in my eye in parts." - Lynne

"What a fantastic book! Following on from "A Dog Behaviourist's Diary" (although you can read the books in any order), Denise's style of writing draws you in to her heart warming, heart wrenching, & down right funny experiences. She is so honest. Each chapter is a story in itself, but always with a learning at the end. It is interesting to see how someone who has been around animals for so many years, is still learning, with an open mind & heart. This book can be read by anyone, young or old. I laughed, cried, was very nearly late for a karate lesson (!) & almost cried again when I finished the book - I didn't want to accept it was finished!!. The stories are fascinating & I'm so very certain that there's more stories to be told! Don't take my word for it - go & read it for yourself. I received it as a birthday present & it would make an excellent present for anyone, any age, interested in animals, but especially dogs. An amazing insight in to the world of a dog behaviourist - you couldn't make it up!!" - Dr Jonna M Moor

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