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Denise Mcleod

As a child Denise was not able to own a dog because of a family illness, so at an early age (5) she began to ‘borrow’ other people’s dogs to walk, train and spend time with. At age 10 one off these dogs, Ben, freaked out on his lead and in the process of calming him that day, Turn and Face was born. Her quest to help as many dogs as possible be free from their troubles, had begun.

Denise spent all her childhood days surrounded by animals, working on farms, sitting in fields day and night with horses, sheep, cows and the wild animals of the English countryside. At that time all she wanted was to be with animals.

When finally in a position to acquire a dog of her own, Denise found the two most troubled dogs she could, Cassie and Lace, and she set about helping them, become confident and balanced.

Having success treating behaviour problems throughout her life and success on the agility circuit both competing and teaching, in 2001 she quit her career and started CaDeLac Dog Training and Behaviour. CaDeLac has grown and grown since then and has seen over 12,000 dogs pass through its doors and many hundreds of behaviour cases. CaDeLac is named after Cassie and Lace.

Denise has owned 7 dogs, a GSD x Whippet, 5 Border Collies, and a Labrador. She has competed successfully in agility, obedience and sheep dog trials.

Early in life she preferred the company of animals, but her later life led her down the path of human psychology which she began to study. Her background in psychology, training as a teacher, training as a TV presenter, an interest in meditation, mindfulness and a positive attitude, serve to help her not just with animals, but people too. “Who are most often the cause of the problem”, she adds.

In recent times Denise has produced the hugely popular ‘It’s a Dog’s life’ DVD, and in 2016 she released her first book ‘A Dog Behaviourist’s Diary’ and in it, the technique Turn and Face.

When asked how she feels about the rapid spread and success of Turn and Face Denise replied “At last I can help dogs, not just where I live, but everywhere. It is my dream, come true”.

Carol Batters - Instructor and Mentor
Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, UK

It became obvious from a very young age that Caz had a special bond with animals - especially dogs. From the age of 13, she started rescue work at Battersea Dogs’ Home, learning as much as possible about dog welfare, handling and behaviour.

Moving from London in 1986, Caz expanded her Marketing Consultancy in Nottinghamshire. The hands-on rescue turned more into administration roles with NCDL (now Dog’s Trust) and Guide Dogs, but she was still called out on many occasions to help with troubled dogs.

In 2009, she took early retirement and returned to her true passion of volunteering with several rescues and being able to do one-on-one again. She especially loves the challenge of working with a ‘problem’ dog to help get them rehabilitated and re-homed, and has over the years dealt with all sorts of behaviour issues with breeds of all sizes, sex and ages. Her moto is “Helping owners and dogs work together”.

Working alongside Denise for several years, Caz uses Turn and Face frequently for many dogs as well as offering basic training in The Midlands. She has also worked in the US with Pit Bulls and large breeds with The American Humane Society.

A proud owner of Rottweilers for over 30 years, Caz says: “They are ‘my breed’ so to speak, there’s something amazing about them which I adore, over the years I’ve had and loved: seven Rotties, two Dobermans, a German Short haired Pointer, two Labradors and two German Shepherds!”

Caz is an accomplished trainer and behaviourist and is an administrator with The Animal Team, a national network of volunteer home-checkers and transporters. At the moment, she is currently leading an assessment training program for their volunteers. She’s also a Kennel Club recommended implanter (microchipper).

Email: carolbatters@virgin

Tel: 07860473053

Gareth Rees - Instructor
Bridgend, UK

Over the last 6 and a half years I've spent every waking moment trying to help and learn about dogs, and their owners! I have always had an interest in dogs, routinely spending a LOT of my childhood around them, just observing and trying to figure out what they were about. About 6 and a half years ago, I decided to try and turn my passion into a career, and so began my journey into dog behaviour and training. I believe all dogs can teach you a lesson, and every dog you meet has one to give you - if you are willing to listen.

I've worked with puppies, seniors, provided dog walking, sitting, house sitting, taught agility classes; Held numerous behavior consultations, rehabilitated dogs with various problems such as fear, anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, red zone dogs and more. I've also done a lot of rescue work, helping them with the most challenging of dogs to find homes on both a 1-2-1 and group basis. I've owned a successful Dog daycare and behaviour centre and continue to work as much as I can with any dog, any problem, anywhere.

Now, my TAF journey has begun and with it, a deeper understanding of just how complex, yet incredible dogs really are.


Tel: 07720 537 758

Sarah Whiteley - Instructor Swindon UK

I have always been around dogs since I was born and have a great love for our four legged friends, 

As a child I would always loved to walk dogs and as I got older I would pet sit for family and friends. 

At 16 I joined the RSPCA as a volunteer and worked in the kennel block looking after the dogs.  I later became a dog handler for a security company and worked with Nottinghamshire police under a scheme set up in Mansfield.

I then started studying about animal care and animal psychology, after gaining qualifications in dog training I decided to help with some dog rescues in South Yorkshire, where I adopted a couple of rescue dogs Kesh and Jazz (sadly both have gone over the rainbow bridge).

I now have 4 Belgian Malinois that i love to train and have fun with, i enjoy working with all dogs of different sizes and breed, but i love to work with reactive and aggressive dogs. I run classes for puppies, and older dogs, as well as 1-1 work i also do dog walking and cater for reactive dogs. I am so happy to have come across TAF and successfully became an instructor ready to help more dogs in need of our help. 


                   Tel: 07562 344998

Martha Hoffman - Instructor Certification in Progress
California, USA

I’ve been training dogs for forty years. At first I thought if I learned the different temperament types of dogs, I would soon have it all figured out. Pretty soon I gave up on this idea, because every dog was so different. Beyond their temperament traits, they had their own unique personalities and experiences that had shaped them.

Nowadays, instead of categorizing people and dogs into boring niches, I approach them expectantly, waiting to see what each dog and person can teach me. Every dog owner has some insight that only their own dog could have shown them, and every dog has different reasons for behaving the way they do.

Which one taught me most? I’d say “Everydog”: all of my own dogs, the twenty thousand shelter dogs I tested, and the hundreds of Hearing Dogs we adopted and trained for the Hearing Dog Program, who failed or succeeded at their Hearing Dog roles, but showed me how every dog is unique and unusual. We need to find out each ones hidden talents.

Looking back, I realize that my Yorkie Niji, my very first dog, had a talent that can’t be trained: if I cried, he would fling himself at me over and over again, rolling under my face, and doing a werewolf dog-smile with tiny teeth flashing. I always laughed. If I was depressed, he would spend hours bringing every toy onto my bed, pushing them at me until I got up to play with him. His determination to change me never failed, and I owe him so much. He got me through some very hard times.

Have any of my other dogs reacted with such emotional intensity if I cry, or refuse to get out of bed? Unfortunately, no. What I thought were just Niji's funny quirks, nowadays would be valued as great Service Dog type traits for helping with depression or anxiety. It’s great to see the field of Service Dog training advance every year, showing us that we should never take dogs for granted. They are amazing and very complicated creatures.

Alison Krotter - Instructor Certification in Progress 


Alison Krotter is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator since 2007 and has been teaching pet obedience classes, giving private lessons and taking on problem behavior cases since 2006. She is also a Red Rover Humane education reader for teaching empathy, critical thinking and language skills in the classroom using the Red Rover reader curriculum.

Alison also has a Certificate in Animal Shelter Management from the University of the Pacific and volunteers at her local shelter training and promoting dogs and cats for adoption. She is also certified in Pet CPR and First aid. Alison and her competition female Alexa vom Nebeltal IPO I, are also a certified Narcotics Detection team as well as training in IPO. Alison is skilled in the handling of dogs during bite work, obedience and detection.

Reactive behavior is an all too common problem for dog owners and often leave them feeling hopeless and frustrated. The Turn and Face Technique is a wonderful way to help owners reduce and even eliminate their dog’s fear and reactivity issues. This technique empowers owners to take more control of the situation while also changing the dog state of mind, often in a significant way in only a short amount of time. When the owner feels successful the dog succeeds.

Other TAF Instructors undergoing Certification

United States of America

Sharon Nelson - Certification in progress
Sharon has huge experience in dog training and behaviour and has pioneered the use of Turn and Face, in agility dogs USA. Highly recommended.
Area : Bend , Oregan.
Contact :

Becky Woodruff - Certification in progress
Becky works with Sharon nelson and shares her experiences.
Area : Central Oregan/Pacific Northwest
Contact :

Jamie Robinson - Certification in Progress
Jamie has vast experience of training dogs and I am delighted that she is on this scheme.
Area Tucson, AZ 85711
Contact : 727-686-4246


Andy Lea (DogmanDownunder on Facebook)
Certification in Progress - Final stages
Andy has pioneered pro active use of TAF (before problems begin - his work has been witnessed by me - his work comes highly recommended)
Area : Ipswich Queensland 4305
Contact :

Uncertified Instructors List

This list is added to on an ad hoc basis.

Except where stated, non of these peoples work has been verified by me. However, they have each reported success with Turn and Face, though they are not on the TAF instructors training scheme.



Adrienne Beattie (I HAVE seen video footage of some of Adrienne's client cases. She has proven good results).
Area : Lancashire / West Lothian
Contact : 07787 402759

Diane Clark.
Area : North Wales and South Cheshire.
Tel : 07713 891073
email :

Shirlene Clark ( I have seen video evidence of Shirlene's success with a TAF client)
Area : Melbourne
Email :
Tel : 041 333 2817


Diane Gallagher (Diane is one of the first US instructors to use TAF and has reported many successes. I know of Diane's training and can recommend her approach and experience)
(Dog train Inc)
Area : NE South Carolina & SE North Carolina
Contact : 910 395-4399
Email :

Bob Decker and Terry Murphy ) I have had more than one report of Bob's Success with TAF and admire his clear headed approach to dogs.
Area : Coastal Eastern North Carolina
(Sound dog training Center)
Contact : (252) 726 - 2218
Email :

Elizabeth Simpson. Elizabeth's approach to dogs is one I respect greatly.
'Tenderfoot Training'
Area : Colorado
Tel : 303 - 444 - 7780
Email :

Aubrey Brooks
Area : Twin Cities of MN and Suburbs.
Tel : 651 - 895 - 3506

Julie C Bond
Area : San Francisco Bay area
Tel : 925 - 818 - 3938

Dianne Sanlorenzo
Area : Jacksonville Beach area
Contact : 904 - 233 - 1092

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