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Image by Jamie Street



Turn and Face Instructors and Mentors Certification Scheme

This scheme has been designed to educate and provide the best practice process for TAF Instructors and Mentors to improve the chances of radical and long-term change and success for TAF clients and their dogs.

This scheme is only available to previously experienced dog trainers who are already working with reactive or aggressive cases and have a minimum of 50 hours experience working with such cases.

It provides information about best practice process for dealing with fearful, reactive or aggressive case dogs and clients.

It provides:

  • A series of TAF case videos with tutorial notes and commentary from me exclusive to TAF instructors.

  • Access to other trainers’ videos and tutorials with their permission.

  • Documentation for our assessment process for potential TAF dogs.

  • Client hand-out for best practice of using Turn and Face.

  • Personal tuition from me or one of my designated and experienced TAF mentors (in your country if possible) via video or phone.

  • A ‘sharing hub’ of discussion and education between myself, all trainers and mentors.

  • That you will submit your own cases via video for evaluation, commentary and ideas for method improvement.

It offers:

  • On-going personal support from me and/or one of my designated mentors.

  • Access to ongoing updates to the TAF database of cases, best practice changes and on-going education via my video case histories.

  • Further on-going training and support for anyone who wishes to go one step further and become a TAF Mentor – certified to teach TAF to other instructors and run seminars, events, training days etc.


On Completion of the Trainers or Mentors Scheme You Will Receive

  • A certificate stating that they have passed the scheme and are now a certified TAF Instructor or Mentor.

  • Business and personal promotion on our exclusive TAF website and facebook pages to cover the many requests for ‘local TAF instructors’, from all around the world, that are now occurring with increasing frequency.

  • You will be listed by your photo, name, business name and logo, a bio of up to 300 words on the TAF website Instructors Page and our Facebook page.

  • You can request to have your client testimonials added to your business link.

  • I will personally recommend and promote certified persons (or occasionally those in training on the scheme), to potential clients.

  • I will actively promote and support the use of TAF, it's website and the certified instructors who are part of the scheme.

  • With prior agreement, certified trainers or mentors will be able to advertise their TAF events via our website and facebook page. Where appropriate, I will promote these events via my personal facebook pages.

  • Certified persons will have the exclusive right to display both their achievement certificates and the TAF logos on their own personal or business facebook page or website.

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