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Turn and face dvd

Reactive Dog? Does your dog bark, lunge or try to hide from others when on lead?


On lead reactivity is one of the most common behaviour problems in the world. Millions of dog owners come to dread their daily walk with their reactive dog. Whether their dog is frightened of, over excited by, or aggressive towards other dogs, people, cars, livestock, etc. It means walking their beloved companion can be a nightmare. Owners can often feel isolated, worries, confused, helpless, depressed and even doomed!


Since Turn and Face (TAF) was released in 2016 it has taken off worldwide and is proving successful in 90% of cases. Dog owners everywhere have a way of bringing back calm to their dogs, quickly, kindly and effectively.


In this DVD series Denise McLeod shares her experiences of 40 years of working with overly reactive, aggressive and fearful dogs, and provides over 4 hours of video footage of 8 real case studies (9 dogs), as they go through the process of leaving their troubles behind them.


Turn and Face - bringing peace back to dog owners everywhere!

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UK customers (incl. postage) £35

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International customers (incl. postage) £40

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Digital Download £25

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Digital Download link will be sent within 24 hours via email once payment is confirmed.

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